Thermaspan ™

Custom Laminated Insulated Wall Panels


SpandrelTech Ltd. insulated wall panels are available from 25.4 mm (1″) up to 125 mm (5″) thickness in a variety of sustrates, cores and finishes and may consist of:


  1. Outside skins – available in a variety of metals and colours, including aluminum (painted or anodized), or painted steel.
  2. Inside skins – as above, including corkboard, vinyl, or wall board (for painting).
  3. Core materials – available in expanded, or extruded polystyrene insulation, rigid  polyisocyanurate insulation, and Douglas fir marine grade plywood.

Panels are typically designed for use with a wide selection of aluminum glazing systems.

For Architectural, School and Glazing Applications


Architectural Panels

1. Building retrofit (for a new look)
2. Curtain wall or exterior wall cladding
3. Spandrel (building accent)
4. Window replacement (thermal upgrading)
5. Prefabricated buildings (security, parking, kiosks, etc.)
6. Interior partitions
7. Storefronts or vestibule

Dimensional Criteria

Width – 1525 mm (60″)
Length – 3050 mm (120″)
Thickness – From 25.4 mm (1″) to 125 mm (5″)

Options & Finishes

1. Standard porcelain-embossed aluminum (custom colour matching available.
2. Colorlume E polyester baked enamel-embossed aluminum.
3. Colorlume S polyester baked enamel on smooth aluminum.
4. Porcelain on smooth steel.
5. PPG / Valspar / Kynar 500.


Standards Conformance


1. CGSB 93-GP-lM, Type 2, Class F1S Sheet Aluminum.
2. AA DAF 45-97, Designation System for Aluminum Finishes.
3. AAMA #605 “Voluntary Specification for High Performance Organic Coatings on Architectural Extrusions and Panels” -2004.
4. ASTM E330-84, D1781-76, DE3363-74, D2794-90, D3359-90 (See 3-Part Specification).

Porcelain – to ALS-105 Standard Specification for Porcelain Enamel on Aluminum (Porcelain Enamel Institute, Aluminum Division).

Hardboard – to CG5B 93-GP-3M
Gypsum Wallboard – to CSA A82-27M
Expanded Polystyrene Insulation – to CGSB-GP-20M, Type 2
Extruded Polystyrene Insulation – to ASTM C 578 – 06
Rigid Fiberglass Insulation – to CAN4-S114-M
Rigid Polyisocyanurate Insulation – to CGSB 51-GP-21M, Type 4
Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Finishes – to CGSB 41-GP-6M
Plywood – to CSA 0121-M

Specifiations (short form)

Spec Note: See long form 3-Part specification at end of Thermaspan™ Custom Laminated Insulated Wall Panels section of manual.

[Insulated] panels: “Thermaspan” panels consisting of metal skins laminated to stabilizer substrates [with an insulating core material],[75 mm (3″) overall thickness], [_____] finish as shown on the drawings. Manufactured by SpandrelTech Ltd., 16 Erin Park Drive, Erin, Ontario N0B 1T0; Tel: (519) 833-9684 or 1-888-833-9684; Fax: (519) 833-0845; Email; Web:



thermaspan detail drawing