SpandrelTech Ltd

Thermaspan ™

Insulated wall panels, available from 25.4 mm (1") up to 125 mm (5") thickness, in a variety of substrates, cores and finishes...

  • Outside skins – available in a variety of metals and colours, including aluminum (painted or anodized), or painted steel.
  • Inside skins – as above, including corkboard, vinyl, or wall board (for painting).
  • Core materials – available in expanded, or extruded polystyrene insulation, rigid polyisocyanurate insulation, and Douglas fir marine grade

Panels are typically designed for use with a wide selection of aluminum glazing systems.

  • Standard porcelain-embossed aluminum (custom colour matching
  • Colorlume E polyester baked enamel-embossed
  • Colorlume S polyester baked enamel on smooth
  • Porcelain on smooth
  • PPG / Valspar / Kynar 500
  • Building retrofit (for a new look)
  • Curtain wall or exterior wall cladding
  • Spandrel (building accent)
  • Window replacement (thermal upgrading)
  • Prefabricated buildings (security, parking, kiosks, )
  • Interior partitions
  • Storefronts or vestibule enclosures
  • CGSB 93-GP-lM, Type 2, Class F1S Sheet
  • AA DAF 45-97, Designation System for Aluminum
  • AAMA #605 “Voluntary Specification for High Performance Organic Coatings on Architectural Extrusions and Panels” –
  • ASTM E330-84, D1781-76, DE3363-74, D2794-90, D3359-
  • 90 (See 3-Part Specification).
  • Porcelain – to ALS-105 Standard Specification for Porcelain Enamel on Aluminum (Porcelain Enamel Institute, Aluminum Division).
  • Hardboard – to CG5B 93-GP-3M Gypsum Wallboard – to CSA A82-27M
  • Expanded Polystyrene Insulation – to CGSB-GP-20M, Type 2 Extruded Polystyrene Insulation – to ASTM C 578 – 06
  • Rigid Fiberglass Insulation – to CAN4-S114-M
  • Rigid Polyisocyanurate Insulation – to CGSB 51-GP-21M, Type 4
  • Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Finishes – to CGSB 41-GP-6M Plywood – to CSA 0121-M