Harry Rosen

Harry Rosin Toronto Ontario


Toronto, Ontario


Completed 2012


We were approached by a customer regarding the Harry Rosen flagship store at the Toronto Eaton Center with a need to create an installation process whereby several different coloured panels that required a series of intricate details would result in all of the fasteners being completely concealed after installation.

The customer was able to supply us with a set of CAD drawings from which we were asked to derive panel sizes and recommend specific types of fastening systems that would result in all fasteners being concealed. The team at Spandreltech  took the architect’s rendering combined with drawing dimensions and current photos and developed the drawing details needed to get the system approved for concealed fastening application.  We were able to generate a 3D representation of what the actual finished product would appear to be.  As well, we were able to provide a design detail to successfully conceal the fasteners and incorporate an additional panel system into the racing stipe detail present on the building.

Ultimately the team at Spandreltech were able to successfully design   a much easier system to install, providing site installers with an allowance for a margin of error during the installation process.