Integrated Shipping & Packaging

Along with its trademarked products, SpandrelTech Ltd. has successfully implemented their own innovative “Structured Incremental Shipping” process, or SIS, for effective and site-friendly shipping and delivery options for all customers. Through Structured Incremental Shipping (SIS), the company assesses a project’s drawings and elevations and works with the contractors responsible for installation and overall site management to develop a plan for delivery and installation of its panels.

Structured Incremental Shipping includes developing the best staging for the fabrication of systems; just-in-time delivery of materials to reduce security and safety risks; and the tagging of each piece for easy assembly and installation on site or in customer assembly lines.

By creating this methodology for their customers, SIS has become the benchmark for customer satisfaction at point of delivery.  With the increased demand for Structured Incremental Shipping from Spandreltech Ltd., it has increased the company’s reputation for reliability in manufacturing, quality in product, and attention to the needs of customers and their site installations. Considering the complexity of the designs submitted by architects in today’s construction market, something like SIS is a welcomed process and necessary for SpandrelTech’s long-term global viability.