SpandrelTech Ltd

Galvaspan ™

Curtainwall backpans., made of galvanized steel.

Galvaspan™ galvanized steel back pans are installed on the interior face of curtain wall systems in spandrel areas and are secured to the wall framing using appropriate fasteners. The cavity of the back pan is filled with mineral wool or fiberglass that is pin welded to the steel pan. Sealing of back pans to mullions is the glazier’s responsibility.

Galvaspan™ galvanized steel back pans are available in 20 or 22 gauge galvanized steel, and 4 profiles to suit a variety of conditions.

All brake formed back pan corner joints and seams are spot welded, then sealed using a butyl rubber, component sealing compound. The interior side of the pans may be painted as an option for aesthetic reasons i.e. where back pans are visible from the building interior. Painted back pans typically have the insulation secured using self-stick pins.

The profile of Galvaspan™ back pans is dependent upon the sequence of building component installation, how the glass is installed, whether new or retrofit work, and other variables. SpandrelTech Ltd. can advise construction professionals on design.

Custom Profiles: Other back pan profiles or shapes can be fabricated. Contact us for requirements.

  • On interior face of the curtain wall system in the spandrel area or behind opaque
  • New or retrofit
  • Over steel, concrete, masonry or wood
  • Concealed, or exposed locations (painted backs).
  • Distributed across Canada and throughout the U.S.

  • One year limited warranty against faulty materials, fabrication or workmanship. Extended warranties available upon request prior to commencement of project. Contact SpandrelTech Ltd. for requirements.

  • Maintenance: None required.