SpandrelTech Ltd

Formaspan ™

Preformed custom metal column covers

Formaspan™ preformed architectural aluminum or stainless steel column covers consist of:

  • 18 or 22 gauge Type 304 stainless
  • Up to 3 mm (1/8″) solid thickness 3003 or 5005 alloy aluminum
  • Type 304 stainless steel. A wide variety of finishes available, from #4 brushed-satin finish, to #8 mirror-polished finish
  • Anodized finish as desired in Class 1 (.0007″) or Class 2 (.0004″) anodic thickness.
  • PPG or Valspar paint coatings available in a wide range of solid colours, pearlescents and metallic shades. Custom colours available upon request.
  • Brake (Square, or Rectangular) Shapes: Minimum 356 mm (14″) to 711 mm (28″) square, in two sections; 6 mm (1/4″); 3.6 m (12′-0″) length maximum in one piece.

  • Rolled (Round) Shapes: Minimum 204 mm (8″) diameter, by maximum 3 m (10′-0″) length in one piece.

As a decorative exterior or interior cover for all types of columns, e.g. square, round, steel, concrete, wood or other materials, for new construction or re-facing (updating) old columns.

It is recommended aluminum or stainless steel column covers be cleaned at least once a year using a sponge and a soft alkali-free detergent in water. Refer to appropriate AAMA (Architectural Aluminum Manufacturer’s Association) cleaning and maintenance guide, available from SpandrelTech for more detailed information.