Architectural Building Envelopes

SpandrelTech creates stronger, longer lasting, aesthetically superior cladding systems that feature design-unit integrity utilizing improved methods of adhesion between the ACMP and the fastening system, meeting or exceeding the most demanding specifications.

SpandrelTech improves the installation process with our trademarked “snap-in” fastening system that secures the panels to the subframe, yielding better quality installations at reduced cost.

aluminum wall panels for building envelope

Alumaspan ™

Preformed Aluminum Wall Panels

alumunum rain shielding


Aluminum Composite "Rainscreen" Wall Cladding System

brampton courthouse alumispan cladding


Galvanized Steel Curtain Wall Back Pans

brampton courthouse alumispan cladding


Metal Column Covers

brampton courthouse alumispan cladding

Thermaspan ™

Custom Laminated Insulated Wall Panels